Our History

    fundraise.com was founded in 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts by Nate Drouin. The company quickly attracted larger clients than we had ever dreamed of having, and we proceeded to extend our services and platform beyond the original social fundraising platform to ticketing, events, and white-label fundraising software. To date, our software has been used in one way, shape, or form by organizations such as Life is Good, the largest hospital in New England, multiple Top 100 NPOs, and the current Governor of Massachusetts. Meanwhile, our social fundraising platform has helped thousands of individuals, businesses, and small non-profits raise more money, faster, with minimal cost and time investment.

    • fundraise.com provides a complete set of fully responsive tools that integrate seamlessly into existing platforms.

    • Devices
      Responsive on any device
    • Opengraph
      Facebook integration
    • Charts
      Donor management and reporting
    • Json
      Robust developer API

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